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Tree Surgery in London For Any Property Owner

All Tree Surgery Jobs Start from £99

 All jobs will be further confirmed after an on site survey by a tree surgeon or a photo of the tree in question.

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Trust the London tree surgeons from GSL to give your tree the care it needs. Whether it needs crown shaping for aesthetic reasons, or pruning to remove dead branches, we can do it all. The specialists we work with are all fully insured and properly trained. Whenever we come to your property, be it residential or commercial, we can always provide you with any of these services:
  • Tree pruning – Professional tree surgeons in London will thin, lift or reduce the crowns of your big trees. That way your garden will have access to more sunlight and your trees will grow healthier.
  • Tree removal – If a tree should be removed for any reason, the specialists know how to do it in a safe and effective way. Keep in mind that for some trees you might need permission from the council.
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  • Tree felling – Tree felling is usually used for damaged trees which need to be removed safely. The tree surgeons, we work with, also do emergency tree work,
  • Crown shaping – By trimming branches we can customize the tree to your taste both in terms of shape and height. Say for example your garden needs more light for new sun loving flowers. No worries, we can easily thin the crown. Or maybe the crown is interfering with your vista or power cables, then we can simply lower or heighten it.
  • Stump grinding – If you don’t want the stump after the tree has been removed, just give us a call. We will reduce the stump to the ground with a powerful stump grinder. Once the stump is removed, the roots of the tree will naturally dissolve in the soil.
  • Ivy removal – Ivy can give your home exterior a great look, but leave it unattended, and it will destroy you gutters, drains and even brickwork. It’s highly resistant to most weed killers because of its glossy leaves. The GSL team uses herbicides containing glyphosate which is very strong against this invasive plant.
  • Large bush removal – The specialists can completely remove any large bush at your property.

Our Gardening Services London Gallery

Sphere Shaped Tree CrownTree Surgeon and Chopped TreeTree After Pruning JobCut Down TreeTree Cut in PiecesReduced Tree Crown in North LondonTrellis Ivy Reducedtree pruning in South London in progressSphere Shaped Tree CrownsTree After It Has Been Prunedprofessional arborist in London in action

Why Hire GSL London Tree Surgeons?

Whatever the reason for a tree surgery might be, you can always count on us. Every arborist we work with is a certified specialist with many years of experience and a full set of tools. They will carefully determine the condition of the tree and carry out the job in the safest and most efficient way possible. Some other advantages you will get when booking a tree surgery from us:
  • Multitude of Services - as mentioned above, we not only do tree pruning, but also stump grinding, felling, ivy removal and more;
  • Specialists - the tree surgeons are all friendly, highly experienced, DBS checked and fully equipped with all necessary tools such as: chainsaws, axes, climbing boots, trimmers and more. All of the equipment needed is brought by the experts and is included in the price;
  • Collecting Green Waste - upon request, your whole green waste can be collected for recycling. Nevertheless, we collect 180l of waste FOR FREE;
  • Discounts - book two or more services in one go and get special discount offers;
  • Quotation with Photos - sometimes it’s hard to explain over the phone the exact situation with your tree. In that case you can just send us photos and we will give you an estimate;

 How The Tree Maintenance London Service Is Done?

tree surgery LondonContact us to book a tree maintenance service for your property in London. Usually, our customer care staff will ask you a few questions regarding the condition of the tree and whether you have full permission to have it trimmed or removed.Also, you need to specify when you want the service done and if you are able to provide ground-level access to the tree. You don't have to be there personally when the tree surgeons arrive for the service. Once they are on site, usually they'd carefully examine the tree to determine its condition and get on with the job. The specialists bring all the tools and equipment necessary for the completion of the job. You don't need to provide any special equipment, only free access to your property. You don't have to worry about anything, just leave the tree surgery to the experts.

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