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Tree Surgery in London For Any Property Owner

All Tree Surgery Jobs Start from £99

 All jobs will be further confirmed after an on site survey by a tree surgeon or a photo of the tree in question.

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If there is a tree around your property that needs some kind of professional attention, then take advantage of our tree surgery in London. We will send a certified tree surgeon who will take a look at the situation and handle it. Here you can take a look at what they can do for you:
    • Tree pruning – Professional tree surgeons in London will thin, lift or reduce the crowns of your big trees. That way your garden will have access to more sunlight and your trees will grow healthier.
    • Tree removal – If a tree should be removed for any reason, the specialists know how to do it in a safe and effective way. Keep in mind that for some trees you might need permission from the council.
tree surgeons London
  • Tree felling – Tree felling is usually used for damaged trees which need to be removed safely. The tree surgeons, we work with, also do emergency tree work,
  • Crown shaping – Professional shaping of your trees' crowns, which improves the overall aestethic looks of your garden.
  • Stump grinding – If what you are left with is just a stump, and you decide that you want it gone, then we can grind it for you. It's done with a powerful stump grinder. Once the stump is removed, the roots of the tree will naturally dissolve in the soil.
  • Ivy removal – Ivy can actually compliment the look of some buildings, but at a certain point it becomes more of a problem. Expert tree surgeons can remove it for you.
  • Large bush removal – Just like trees, bushes can also get in the way. The specialists can completely remove any large bush at your property.

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Why Opt For The Tree Surgeons In London

The arborists in London who will come to your service are fully certified specialist who have solid professional experience with all kinds of trees. They will carefully determine the condition of the tree and carry out the job in the safest and most efficient way possible. And here you can take a look at some other advantages that come with this service:
  • We always send a team of at least two professionals to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • They work with professional equipment (chainsaws, stump grinder, green waste shredder, axes, trimmers and other tools). All of the equipment needed is brought by the experts and is included in the price.
  • Upon request, your whole green waste can be collected for recycling. Nevertheless, we collect 180l of waste FOR FREE.
  • Your tree can be cut down to pieces upon request.
  • The arborists are licensed and legally able to use professional climbing equipment to reach the highest parts of the trees, as well as chainsaws and other cutting equipment.
  • Receive a discount if you book any tree service with garden clean up or any garden maintenance job.

 How The Tree Maintenance London Service Is Done?

tree surgery LondonContact us to book a tree maintenance service for your property in London. Usually, our customer care staff will ask you a few questions regarding the condition of the tree and whether you have full permission to have it trimmed or removed. Also, you need to specify when you want the service done and if you are able to provide ground-level access to the tree. You don't have to be there personally when the tree surgeons arrive for the service. Once they are on site, usually they'd carefully examine the tree to determine its condition and get on with the job. The specialists bring all the tools and equipment necessary for the completion of the job. You don't need to provide any special equipment, only free access to your property. You don't have to worry about anything, just leave the tree surgery to the experts.

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