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Garden Clean Up London for a Tame & Peaceful Retreat

If you've neglected your garden for a while, our garden clearance London service can successfully help you combat anything from weeds, bushes, and overgrown trees, to ivy and other accumulated refuse. The responsible professionals can also readily fix any fallen fences or sheds that surround your property. Don't be ashamed of being too busy for your garden and take advantage of our autumn garden care. Let's examine what the service includes in more detail:
Garden Clearance Prices

Minimum charge for hourly based services is £55 for the 1st hour and £42 for every following hour.

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  • Hedge trimming: Remove all the overgrown greenery from your hedges.
  • Lawn mowing: The gardeners will remove all the overgrown weeds and will trim your lawn to its original looks.
  • Tree and hedge trimming: Let the sunshine in and stimulate plant growth again;
  • Weeds removal: Deal with any invasive plants without damaging your garden;
  • Replacement of rotten fence panels/sheds: Remove rotted wood for good and give your yard a new image.

Reasons to Choose Garden Clearance London

garden clearance - before and afterWhen daily responsibilities pressure us from every corner, it's important to have a pleasant retreat where you can just relax and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. With bramble clearance London, you can sit back and relax while the pros make sure all beds and borders are cleared, the grass is evenly cut, and green waste is collected. We pack all the twigs, hedge clippings, grass cuttings, leaves, plants, animal bedding and straw and small branches in 90l bags. We take two bags with us as part of the service. We can collect all the bags for a small fee. And our benefits have only just begun: We can remove up to 180l of green waste for free.
  • We offer great discounts on multiple service bookings;
  • The pros can do the job from start to finish even if you're away or if the weather is bad;
  • All gardeners are neatly uniformed and carry eco-friendly equipment;
  • Competent autumn garden maintenance tips from skilled specialists.

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What Is Garden Clean Up London All About?

Usually, our garden taming service is performed by a team of two or more knowledgeable specialists. Once you greet them on site, the professionals will immediately inspect the condition of your garden and give you helpful suggestions on how to improve its appearance without exceeding your budget. A quote is usually provided over the phone after you send us photos or describe your garden's condition. If you can't send us a photo, we might have to send a surveyor to examine your yard on-site, and he will give you a quotation. Do note: Leave a detailed note behind in case you plan on being away on the day of your appointment. 

Take Back What's Yours with Reliable Leaf Clearance!

A single call is all it takes to restore your garden to it's initial awe-inspiring appearance. You can reach out to us via 020 3746 2449 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you'll never feel pressed for time when booking a session. And if phone calls aren't exactly dear to you, then go ahead and visit our instant web chat platform to make an appointment for any day of the week, bank holidays included. While you're at it, make sure to also fill in our request a quote form to receive a complimentary & no-obligation price estimate!